IKO Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor

You wish to get a job as an Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor, or you want to start your kiteboarding pro career?

IKO assistent instructor

Becoming an Assistant Instructor is a great way to gain experience to prepare for a professional career, or simply discover what an Instructor’s job is all about.
In sum, it is the best way to unite your passion with your job – and you can start your training as young as 16 years old.

Not only does the Assistant Instructor program provide you with hands-on experience, but it also helps build great teaching and organizational skills. In addition, you will learn more about the equipment, how to prepare and use it properly, how to follow the fundamental safety principles, and much more.

Note: the Assistant Instructor will receive his diploma from the biggest kiteboarding organization in the world – IKO by post upon successful completion of his training.

Training schedule:

The training is organized in 3 steps and is completed in a minimum of 3 days. The 2 first steps are usually completed in 1 day:

Evaluation of your competencies: kiteboarding knowledge, practice level – Theoretical competencies: level check and update of knowledge.
During the 3rd step, you will work with your instructor level 2, or above, in live situation.

*The assistant instructor program is essential to candidates with no prior teaching background in any water or aerial sport. If you intend on following an ITC (instructor´s course) the assistant instructor program is a prerequesite to becoming IKO instructor Level 1.