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Learn to kite with foil kite. We are the only school in Croatia that offers this kind of training.

Surely you have noticed the increase in foil kite number on kite spots. Foil kite is mostly used for riding on the water/sea when the wind is not strong enough to use LEI kites, i.e. when the wind strength is from 7 to 12 knots. Still, more experienced riders use it on stronger winds.

Foil kite course Croatia, Nin

Foil kite course Croatia, Nin

Handling the foil kite is not that complicated because the principle is similar to that of steering LEI kites, but it behaves a bit differently in the wind. Launching, landing and water relaunching is very simple if you do it right.

You are probably one of those who, while waiting for the favourable wind, watch those who entered the sea among the first and ride in a breeze with a foil kite.

Long story short – come, sing up for a course and learn everything about foil kites so you can spend as much time as possible on the water.


FOIL Kite Course 1,5 Hours
(1 day)

*School is open every day from April until October.


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