Rule the sea

Revolutionary performance freeride board for choppy conditions and high winds

High performance double concave surf-inspired V-shape with 3-D torsion/shock absorber elements on top

Double Edge rail for perfect grip, smoother ride and less spray

Extreme light weight top and bottom construction with Carbon Basalt Compound (CBC) shield

Size 133 cm weight 2.4 kg
Size 135 cm weight 2.5 kg
Size 137 cm weight 2.6 kg



Rule the sea

The hours and man power that went into the Admiral Project are uncountable. All to achieve one goal: A state of the art high-tech board.

The Admiral is a revolutionary performance freeride board made for the harshest conditions. It has a V-shaped bottom with a double concave delivering an extraordinary surf like riding experience. A double edge provides the perfect grip for a smooth ride with less spray even in the worst chop and winds. Thanks to our innovative top and bottom construction, completely made out of our exclusive Carbon Basalt Compound, the board is extremely light while delivering ultimate board control. The integrated hexpads and the 3D torsion / shock-absorber on the topside (center and tips) provide an unmatched comfort, while the 3-stage thickness of the board gives the Admiral an incredible flex while reducing its weight even further. Thanks to the size specific flex patterns built with our exclusive Vari Flex technology and the 3-stage rail rocker, the board has pop that is just insane. The Admiral is the lightest, most comfortable performance board there is – ride it and rule the sea!


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