Dominate the Competition

5-line C kite for most advanced technical freestyle tricks
Responsive steering and direct feel
Unhooked stability and control actively supports rider
Incredible pop with plenty of line slack
Explosive vertical boost takes you to new heights

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Dominate the Competition
The GP is the weapon of choice for any dedicated freestyle athlete. It was developed in cooperation with world champs after its predecessor carried Gisela Pulido to another world title. This elite C kite is made for boosting explosive jumps, megalooping and freestyle or wakestyle tricks offering plenty of line slack after the pop.

Unhooked Ability – Plenty of travel with perfect line slack
Designed to excel in freestyle and wakestyle, the GP is a stunning kite for unhooking. It is perfectly trimmed and calibrated so that you can fully concentrate on the pop instead of worrying about controlling the kite. After the pop, the lines instantly slack to allow the most technical and advanced handle pass tricks.

Stability – Easy handling and performance in any wind conditions
Our R&D team refined the segmentation of the leading edge for a much cleaner profile. Together with the innovative Vibration Dampening System along the trailing edge this smoother arch improved the stability and controllability of the GP big time. So the GP always stays nice and low while passing the bar.

Jumping Ability – Boost to new heights
Riding the GP kite is all about explosive boosts. This kite yanks you out of the water and spits you into new heights. The new GP is even gruntier with a wider aspect ratio to take you higher than ever before. Enjoy its hang time, loop it in neat small circles or throw a massive mega loop! Either way, you are in for some radical action.

Turning Speed – Ultra responsive steering for true C kite experience
It neither gets much faster than this nor more direct. To enhance the control, the direct feel and the slack, the GP does not have bridles – just like any other true C kite. It is our first choice for kiteloops.

Changes to previous model:
++ Refined segmentation for cleaner profile
++ 3D Foam Line Deflectors
++ Leading edge circumference seam protection
++ Improved low end
++ Dual strut head reinforcements

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