Single and Double Stroke inflation
Extra large cylinder for enhanced air flow
Sand Guard Filter
Frictionless system



Pump it up
We won’t lie: Pumping will always be like the crying baby on your plane. A pain! Still it is a physical law that there needs to be an upset infant on your flight just like you need to pump up your kite before each session. Therefore the only question is: How to deal with it!
For one we suggest headphones with music while for the other, we recommend our new pump. This sleek beast is designed to get the job done in no time!

“Pumping a kite is great fun” (No one ever)

The Best pump comes with an extra big cylinder for an increased air capacity plus a bunch of cool features:

– Pump with single or double stroke
– Protect your bladders with the innovative sand guard filter
– Inflate faster thanks to our system with reduced friction and thicker air hose
– Pump precise with the durable and exact air pressure gauge
– Be easy on your hands with our new ergonomic grip
– Nozzle set to fit our Twist Lock Valve and all other kites
Honestly, pumping isn’t as bad as it used to be. The new pump definitely makes it a lot more comfortable and you won’t think twice about pumping up another kite when the wind drops. You will get it done!


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