SUP Safari

Experience the magic of Stand Up Paddle-boarding world in one of our SUP Safari!


SUP Safari Nin, Croatia

If you have time, it is well worth paddling around Nin. Smaller lagoons, sedge, and a nearby river are hardly accessible on foot; on the other hand, the water path guarantees an astonishing perspective on the breathtaking scenery.
All our Safari tours are starting Monday and Thursday.
Please let us know few days in advance and save your place on beautiful journey over the water.
Rates for SUP Safari
Adult 14+: 55€
Young 0-13: 25€ *
*(free if the board is shared with an adult)

**Prices are different on the beach in the high season than over the booking.






Even if you have not done it before, the calm waters around the city of Nin will ensure that your first attempt at paddling is triumphant.